The art of Cynthia Lara

art for big kids

Art for big Kids Teen/adult themes, fantasy, sci-fi

art for kids

Art for kidsChildren themes, fantasy, storytelling

Art for Kids

Children themes, fantasy, storytelling

Cuentos para Bruno

Cover illustration for a book titled "Tales for Bruno". The book contains about 30 short stories written by a man to his grandson.

I chose my favorite stories and illustrated some key elements to show the great adventures the stories tell.

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I wish...

A 3-panel illustration that tells the story of a kid that finds a squirrel and makes a wish.

This is a personal project.

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The Sea and Me - Yoga Story Set

6 different pictures for a card set with funny poems and a yoga routine for kids.

The girl experiences a great sea adventure.

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The Sea and Me - Yoga Story Set

24 different lineart illustrations for the back of the cards.

The kit has a complete yoga routine for kids.

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Book Sketching

Storyboarding/Sketching for a children's book

The job included designing the characters for the story (a small family).

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Pikachu fanart

Personal project to practice my painting and rendering

This exercise was all about creating the atmosphere with lights and shadows.

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Art for Big Kids

Teen/Adult themes, fantasy, Sci-fi

Lady Magdove

My elven character Lady Magdove in the woods with her mystical deer friend.

I love drawing or painting elves, this creatures fill my sketchbooks. This one was lucky I finished at that level

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This is somewhat a self portrait, I love music, my jeans, being barefoot...

This is a personal project.

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Look at the shell that is you. Empty, fragile, weak...

Inspired in the lyrics by Dark Tranquillity.

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Tiny experiment encouraged by a fellow artist who is a huge Spawn fan.

This came out a lot better than expected.

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Zombie State University

This was a college project. We had to build a website for random themes and I got a very fun one.

I think I pushed myself more in the illustration than on the website itself. I had a lot of fun painting this piece.

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Water Dragon

Water Dragon design.


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